Koh Samui Destination Wedding of Cara & Ray

Awesome destination wedding of Cara & Ray at the Nora Beach Resort.

Enjoy the lovely photography and videography of the couple.

Wedding videographer – Koh Samui wedding videographer


Best Hong Kong Wedding Videographer

Wedding is a very special moment in every couple life and the sweet memories of the event should be captured well. Wedding videos and photographs are very special in life. You cannot afford to hand over that responsibility to amateurs or semi-skilled videographers. It needs well trained professionals with fine artistic taste.

If you are looking for an excellent Hong Kong wedding videographer, your search will lead to the Daniel Baci Photography, the experts in shooting videos for any occasion. Our well trained cameramen have captured some of the most stunning moments that have ever been recorded. We are proud of our team of videographers who devote their time and energy to get the best picture.

Professionalism is at the heart of our work. We cannot compromise on the quality of the picture. Even if there is a small or negligible flaw in the video, our videographers go to the extent of taking the shot again until they get it perfectly.


Over the years, there has been a continuous search of the best Hong Kong wedding videographer.  Since we launched our video taking services, we have been the most sought after wedding videographers in the field.

If you are having a wedding in your family, you can entrust the responsibility to us for capturing every moment of the occasion elegantly and professionally. We promise you the best. We take all the care the occasion demands. We know certain moments are very special. We deploy multiple best videographers to capture every single moment carefully.

The latest equipment that we have is unmatched. Our professionalism reflects not only in the final output but also in the process of capturing the video. Our cameramen plan everything to perfection before the event starts and they cause least interference in the proceedings at the marriages. Capturing the finest moments often goes unnoticed in the hands of the best Hong Kong wedding videographer.

It is only when you watch the final video you will realize how much care and professionalism our videographers have put in to keep the occasion alive throughout your life.

Jessica & Guillaume – Phuket wedding @ Villa Santisuk

Jessica & Guillaume – Phuket, Thailand destination wedding @ Villa Santisuk
wedding Planner: Phuket weddings & events
Director of films: Daniel Baci

Daniel Baci is a Phuket based destination wedding photographer that also provides service to Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Bali, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.

Wedding Photography & Videography of Jesse & Nysaa

The beautiful Thailand wedding of Jesse & Nysaa at the YL Residence villa’s.

Wedding Planner: Bliss Event & Weddings Samui

Photographer: Daniel Baci Photography

Videography team: Daniel Baci Photography & The Baci Productions

Video & Photo editor: Daniel Baci



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Tahnee & Ivan Wedding Video

Tahnee and Ivan’s Phuket, Thailand wedding:

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