Phuket Wedding of Sarah & Prith at Trisara Resort

The Phuket, Thailand wedding of Sarah & Prith at the Trisara Resort and Spa.

Photography by – Daniel Baci Photography

Videography by – The Baci Production



Wedding of Dina and Max

Koh Samui Thailand wedding of Dina and Max at the Nora Beach Resort & Spa.

The Baci Productions & TKT Cinematography calibration –

Benefits of Hiring a Phuket Wedding Videographer

Your wedding is one of the important and most memorable events in your life. It is something that you’ll remember during your lifetime. It is thus important that you should consider having wedding films so you can recall your precious memories. In order to make the most effective video of any wedding, it is important to hire a Phuket Wedding Videographer. One of the main advantages of having a Phuket Wedding Videographer is that he or she has the required skills to capture and record your valuable moments. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a Phuket Wedding Videographer.

Years of Quality Experience

Phuket Wedding Videographer has ample amount of experience to seize every moment, emotion and feeling at the right time with the right click. Phuket Wedding Videographer is also able to edit the video and can add effects that will make your wedding video more dramatic.


Technically Advanced Equipment

Phuket Wedding Videographer uses the right equipment to produce great video. The camera lenses, the lightening, everything is taken care by the Phuket Wedding Videographer. They have the latest equipment that gives you an amazing product at the end.


Timely Deliverance

Phuket Wedding Videographer ensures timely deliverance of work. They understand couple anticipation and excitement to watch the video. They have long termed experience that helps them to do timely project delivery.

timely delivery.png


Professional photographers carry insurance to protect against professional liability and equipment in the event of an unexpected disaster. They have backup systems and spare equipment.


By hiring a Phuket Wedding Videographer, you will have someone who is going to ensure that you have a quality wedding video that you will be proud to show off for years to come.