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Cost of Wedding Videographer?

If you are planning to get married or know someone who is going to get married, then you know there is always confusion, whether or not you should hire a videographer. Believe me your wedding is incomplete without hiring a videographer as they bring the sweet memories right in front of you. Wedding videographer preserves your wedding special movements and you can recall your wedding day in the future. Each videographer will quote you different wedding videography price. Here is an extensive guide to help you in hiring wedding videographer with in your budget.


The cost of associating with a wedding videographer depends upon several factors like geographical area, experience and popularity of videographer, which month you planning to get married, time duration and package you select. According to wedding stats in 2015 average cost of hiring a wedding videographer is between $1500 – $2000. The wedding videography cost depends upon your requirements. The more add on you choose the package become more costly. Below is the breakdown of some of the standard package so that you and your fiance can understand the videographer cost in a better way.

How much wedding videographer cost?

  • If you are your fiance is looking for a simple and cost effective package then basic package is perfect for you. Basic package start around $900, it include 4 hour videography, 2-3 HD cameras and 2 cameraman.
  • If the basic package looks too simple then you can select enhanced package it cost you around $1200 and it will cover 6 hour videography of ceremony, speeches and reception, you also get a short wedding FLM trailer with music, 3 running HD cameras and team of 2 videographers.
  • You can select premium – The Wedding Story package it cost you around $1700 – $2000 and it includes 8-12 hour videography come with MULTI – CAM edited FILM delivered in HD of ceremony, speeches, reception etc, wedding FLM trailer with music, 3-4 running HD cameras, cinematographer and director. This package is suitable for all couples looking for the best product quality for their money.
  • You can select luxury package it will start from $3500. It includes 12 hours video shooting plus all day and night photo shoot. This package includes one photographer and 3 videographer.

Generally videographers are based on 3 levels basic, medium and higher. Videographer cost change drastically based on the level of videographer you opt. Other factor that add extra cost are extra videographers and photographers, aerial / drone cinematography, same day edit / rush edit and number of video copy.

If you are looking for wedding videographer contact Daniel Baci. He is one of the best wedding photographer and videographer. He has been working in the wedding business in Thailand since 2010, as a Film maker & Photographer and has gained international recognition for his work. Daniel and team have many years of experience in wedding photography and videography.

How to Find a Good Wedding Videographer

Wedding is one of the special occasions in every couple’s life and videographer play an important role in your wedding by capturing wedding precious movement through video. A wedding video allow to you remember all the special movement which you would forgot otherwise.

Through wedding video you can recall your precious memories and preserve golden memories for the generations to come. If you do not hire a wedding videographer, you will regret your decision in the future. Here are some tips as to how to find a good wedding videographer.

Google Search 

It will give you a list of popular wedding videographer in your area. Start creating a list of wedding videographer.


Check Videographer Website and Portfolio.

Check videographer website and portfolio. Check videographer past work, videos quality and videos concept.


Experience is Important

Wedding videographer should have several years of experience to capture every moment, emotion and feeling at the right time with the right click.



You can ask your friends and family members for videographer reference if they hired them in the past.


Reviews and Feedback

Checking Videographer reviews and feedback will help you in hiring a good wedding videographer.


Budget and Timings

Check if the wedding videographer is able to fulfill your requirements within your budget and able to do timely delivery of each production.


Interview the Videographer

Interview the videographer you like and book the videographer as soon as possible to avoid last time rush or unavailability of videographer.


If you are looking for good Thailand wedding videographer contact Daniel Baci Photography. Daniel has many years of experience in Wedding photography and videography. Daniel and team capture all beautiful movements of your wedding that will remember forever.


Wedding Planning Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

A wedding is one of the most important and memorable days in any couple’s lives. Huge works involved in planning the wedding. We’ve thought of everything that should be on your wedding to-do list from setting budget, to selecting venue. Below are few wedding planning tips for the newly engaged couples to have a joyful and stress free wedding.

Set a Budget – First most important thing is to set a wedding budget. Talk with your future partner and fix the budget before finalizing anything.


Prepare a To-Do Checklist – Make a To Do list based on priority, budget, and timelines.


Send Invitation/RSVP – Send out invitations earlier to your beloved family, friends, relatives and neighbors.


Decide the Type of Your Wedding – You can choose between destination wedding and traditional wedding.

Book the Venue first – Create a list of venue, visit the place you like and check the service provided by them. Book the venue if you like it.


Catering Services – Check catering service menu. Book them if you are satisfied with their service.


Finalize the Flowers – Choose the flowers for your wedding day.


Hire a Photographer/Videographer – Always hire an experienced wedding photographer and videographer. It’s one of the only things from your wedding that you will able to keep forever.


Go for Wedding Shopping – Go to the nearest shop for your wedding shopping. Purchase wedding dresses, jewelry, shoes, watches, bags etc.


Appoint Hair and Makeup Artists – Make a appointment with hair and makeup artists for your wedding.

Makeup artist.jpg

Wedding Decoration – Hire someone for wedding decoration which is best suitable for your wedding theme and venue.

Hire a wedding planner, they can take all the above things and make your wedding well organized.

Benefits of Hiring a Phuket Wedding Videographer

Your wedding is one of the important and most memorable events in your life. It is something that you’ll remember during your lifetime. It is thus important that you should consider having wedding films so you can recall your precious memories. In order to make the most effective video of any wedding, it is important to hire a Phuket Wedding Videographer. One of the main advantages of having a Phuket Wedding Videographer is that he or she has the required skills to capture and record your valuable moments. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a Phuket Wedding Videographer.

Years of Quality Experience

Phuket Wedding Videographer has ample amount of experience to seize every moment, emotion and feeling at the right time with the right click. Phuket Wedding Videographer is also able to edit the video and can add effects that will make your wedding video more dramatic.


Technically Advanced Equipment

Phuket Wedding Videographer uses the right equipment to produce great video. The camera lenses, the lightening, everything is taken care by the Phuket Wedding Videographer. They have the latest equipment that gives you an amazing product at the end.


Timely Deliverance

Phuket Wedding Videographer ensures timely deliverance of work. They understand couple anticipation and excitement to watch the video. They have long termed experience that helps them to do timely project delivery.

timely delivery.png


Professional photographers carry insurance to protect against professional liability and equipment in the event of an unexpected disaster. They have backup systems and spare equipment.


By hiring a Phuket Wedding Videographer, you will have someone who is going to ensure that you have a quality wedding video that you will be proud to show off for years to come.



Why Hire a Wedding Videographer


Your wedding day only happens once and through wedding video you can preserve your precious memories for generations to come. A wedding video will document the details of a memorable event and you get to see the entire day from start-to-finish.

There’s so much happening on wedding day that you just can’t remember every part. Thankfully, a Phuket wedding videographer can capture so many moments that you missed.

A wedding video allows you to remember all those special moments you would forget otherwise –

Your Vows– One of the most important parts of your wedding day is the vows that you commit to each other. Watching your spouse say their vows to you is worth remembering for the rest of your life.

Your Family and Friend Messages– One of the greatest things about a wedding video is that your family and guests, on that wedding day, they have a chance to record a few meaningful words from the heart, on camera. Wedding videographer will records these messages from your family and friends.

Your Wedding PreparationPhuket wedding videographer captures all the small details like wedding rings, wedding dress of bride and groom, cake and wedding decorations.

A wedding video is a great way to share your wedding with family & friends who didn’t get to make it to the wedding. Now they can watch your wedding day as if they were there.

Wedding video shows a sequence of actions, sounds, reactions, feelings and other details that a single photo could not provide. A wedding is an unforgettable event. Make sure you get it captured right – you’re only going to do it once.

Here is a wedding of Lois & Emmanuel – Phuket Wedding from Daniel Baci

Thailand Wedding Photographer

Thailand is a great place for having your wedding. With its tropical beaches, royal palaces, ornate Buddhist temples and ancient ruins, it is no doubt that your wedding could be magical. It is important to choose the right Thailand wedding photographer so that you could always feel the happiness and magic every time you look at your wedding photos and reminisce. Picking the wrong wedding photographer could potentially destroy a lot of moments in your photo just because it is not taken properly and you would have just wasted your money.

Thailand Wedding Photographer also covers music video production, commercials, documentary films, and promotional videos. They also use the latest equipments and cameras available in the market. These help them in creating a stunning shot of your wedding ceremony. There are some photographers that are using unconventional tools such as drones to further create a beautiful image of your wedding. Drones are used by some to take some shots from the overhead angle. This creates a jaw-dropping and spectacular angle of your wedding which is next to impossible to take without using drones.


Aside from using the latest equipment, Thailand wedding photographers are also involved in various productions such as movies, TV series, commercials, documentary films, and most especially, wedding cinematography. You can be sure that these photographers are more than qualified to create everlasting photos that you can cherish and reminisce.

We all know that high quality photos and videos take a lot of time in being processed before it is given to you. It would usually take 8 to 12 weeks before the final product is released. Thailand wedding photographers offers a rushed edit of your video or photograph for an extra fee. When you avail of the rushed edit, you do not need to wait for 8 to 12 weeks before you get your photo or video. They could  deliver to you your wedding video or photo without ever reducing the quality of the work that they provide.