Thailand Wedding Photographer

Thailand is a great place for having your wedding. With its tropical beaches, royal palaces, ornate Buddhist temples and ancient ruins, it is no doubt that your wedding could be magical. It is important to choose the right Thailand wedding photographer so that you could always feel the happiness and magic every time you look at your wedding photos and reminisce. Picking the wrong wedding photographer could potentially destroy a lot of moments in your photo just because it is not taken properly and you would have just wasted your money.

Thailand Wedding Photographer also covers music video production, commercials, documentary films, and promotional videos. They also use the latest equipments and cameras available in the market. These help them in creating a stunning shot of your wedding ceremony. There are some photographers that are using unconventional tools such as drones to further create a beautiful image of your wedding. Drones are used by some to take some shots from the overhead angle. This creates a jaw-dropping and spectacular angle of your wedding which is next to impossible to take without using drones.


Aside from using the latest equipment, Thailand wedding photographers are also involved in various productions such as movies, TV series, commercials, documentary films, and most especially, wedding cinematography. You can be sure that these photographers are more than qualified to create everlasting photos that you can cherish and reminisce.

We all know that high quality photos and videos take a lot of time in being processed before it is given to you. It would usually take 8 to 12 weeks before the final product is released. Thailand wedding photographers offers a rushed edit of your video or photograph for an extra fee. When you avail of the rushed edit, you do not need to wait for 8 to 12 weeks before you get your photo or video. They could  deliver to you your wedding video or photo without ever reducing the quality of the work that they provide.

How to choose a wedding videographer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how many words are expressed in a video? We take pictures and video recordings of the happiest memories of our lives, such as a wedding. In just a short clip of 20 minutes, there are already a lot of meaningful stories that every single person involved in the love story could express. Every moments of heartbreak, joy, sorrow, bliss, and jealousy in the love story can be told in a video. To convey a heartfelt and meaningful video, you should always consider getting the best wedding videographer like Phuket Wedding photographer. Your wedding videos would come out boring, meaningless, and messy if you don’t pick the right wedding videographer. Here are some tips as to how to choose a wedding videographer such as Phuket Wedding photographer.

  1. You should get a wedding videographer that is experienced


An experienced wedding videographer such as Phuket Wedding photographer can create stunning and meaningful wedding videos. They know the right angles where to put the cameras and the correct configurations of the camera to create a perfect shot of the subject. An inexperienced wedding videographer might create an undesirable wedding video since they do not have the knowledge and experience to create that perfect shot.

  1. Get a wedding videographer that uses the latest equipment


Having the skill to create an amazing wedding video is important, but it can’t be ignored that having the right equipment for the job is also as important as the skill in operating the equipment. Wedding videographers like Phuket Wedding photographer uses various equipments like drones to perfectly capture the essence of the wedding. Without the usage of proper equipment, your videos might not look as good as you may think.

  1. Hire those that accepts rush editing


There are times that, because of various reasons, you need to have a copy of the wedding video. There are some wedding videographers, like Phuket Wedding photographer, that accepts rush editing of your wedding video for an extra fee. They can finish the editing of your wedding video before the 8-12 week timeline that they usually set for video editing.

6 Reasons to have Destination Wedding

Unique and memorable wedding experience

Having a destination wedding allows you to married the way you and your fiance want to. If you want your wedding to be unique and memorable, a destination wedding is the perfect idea for you!

The guests will never forget your wedding

A destination wedding can be an entire weekend or more, giving you plenty of time to enjoy with your closest friends and family. The guests will never forget your wedding as they will remember your wedding for being in a different location and for giving them some well-needed time off.

Destination Weddings are easier and faster to plan

At first they may look like a lot of work, but they’re actually not. Most resorts provide free planning help to couples, and there package often include everything you need.

Cost effective

Destination weddings are cost effective as only close relatives will attend the wedding. In comparison to traditional weddings you don’t have to invite lot of people and pay for their food. You don’t have to spend lot of money on decor.

Combine wedding and honeymoon

You can combine your wedding and honeymoon together. The honeymoon begins as soon as you are pronounced husband and wife.

Great photos

Phuket wedding photographer captures beautiful photographs and videos. A destination wedding has gorgeous location. The beaches, the mountains or the plains, gives you stunning pictures and videos.