Five Things to Look for When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

The most romantic moments of your wedding must be taken by an expert in the field. Only an experienced and highly skilled photographer can capture the best moments that will remain afresh throughout your life. When you are looking for the best Thailand Wedding photographer for the wedding in the family, you must keep five things in mind before you hire.

Expertise in Wedding Photography

Expertise is one of the first things you must consider while hiring a photographer. Only an expert photographer can take snaps that truly capture the loving moments of marriage. An amateur photographer cannot produce the best quality photos. Choose Thailand Wedding photographer who has the passion for wedding photography and who enjoys an excellent track record of producing the best pictures.

Professional standards

Wedding photography demands high professional standards in all aspects. From the time of taking advance to delivering the final photos and videos of the wedding, the photographer must show professionalism in everything that he does. Our photographers have won the best Thailand Wedding photographer award for their highly professional standards and perfect pictures.

Timely Services

Punctuality in providing services is the hallmark of any professional.  It is the same with photographers as well. Our team members take pride in delivering quality work in a timely manner. If you are looking for Thailand Wedding photographer for timely services, you can call us. Once you book our services by giving us the location details, time and date, our cameramen with their crew will reach the place well in advance in make necessary arrangements. We take pride in delivering the wedding album within the scheduled period.

Reasonable Pricing

Nothing comes without a price tag and quality things are naturally expensive. Qualitative photography for weddings is one of the major expenses in a marriage. Thailand Wedding photographer offers services for a very reasonable price. If you are going for wedding on a tight budget, our flexible payment systems will be an added advantage for you.

Portfolio of the photographer

Finally, before you finalize a particular photographer you can ask for the portfolio of the photographer. Portfolio means the sample collection of his photographic achievements. It contains the best pictures he has taken and offers you a glimpse of his talent and skill.


Tips for Finding Perfect Wedding Photographer

Wedding is the most photographed event in anyone’s life. The most adorable moments should be captured in a lively fashion to create a lasting impression. How to get the best photographer for the wedding in the family? If you are wondering how to get the best Phuket wedding photographer, here are a few tips in finding the perfect destination for wedding photography.

The most convenient way of selecting the best photographer is to ask your friends who recently had a wedding in their family or friends. They can share their experience and suggest you what you should do to locate the best Phuket wedding photographer. If you find their feedback is satisfactory and feel good about what they share about, you can go ahead with the same photographer by taking his phone number and address details from them and contact him.

When you don’t happen to get any friends who had a wedding in the family, a simple web search can help you a lot. Just search for the best Phuket wedding photographer in the search engines, you will get a good number of professional photography services. You can shortlist from the available sources by checking their professional expertise. Check whether the photographer who is promising you the best service is certified and licensed. Ask for his credentials before you book his services.

You cannot trust a single source all the time. You must do some research to get the best services. If you ask me, I suggest that it is always better to seek information from as many sources as possible as you may not get the best Phuket wedding photographer by simply asking one or two friends or a five minute web search. Know the feedback about the services offered by the firm or studio and ask for sample photographs they have already taken.

Finally, ask for some references about Phuket wedding photographer and you will get a few connections to know about the best service providers. Remember it is not a guarantee that all the references the photographer gives you are genuine. Sometimes, he might give you those names who always suggest his services and say he is the best in the field. Hence, you can use several sources to get to the best destination to the perfect wedding photographer.

Thailand Indian Wedding Photographer

At Daniel Baci Photography, we aim to not only tell your story beautifully by highlighting the emotions and details that made your wedding day one of the most important days of your life, but also to ensure that you experience any of the moments that you may have missed in the mayhem.

Here are some of the Indiana Wedding Photographs-




Koh Samui Thailand Wedding of Mike & Rachel

Daniel Baci and team love shooting Mike & Rachel weddings as there is so much energy, life, colour, and humour. Mike & Rachel are from America (Cali) and they planned to fly their nearest and dearest to Koh Samui, Thailand for their wedding.

They chose Thailand because it is truly an incredible place for island wedding and Villa Kalyana was the perfect place to bring your closest friends and family to enjoy celebration with its private beaches and large villas. Enjoy the photography & Videography.

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