Destination Wedding of Melisa & Simon

Melisa & Simon from mainland China decided to renew their vows and let it all out in style here in Phuket, Thailand.

Wedding Photography & Videography by Daniel Baci Photography

Below are the some photos of their wonderful wedding.


Koh Samui Thailand Wedding of Mike & Rachel

Daniel Baci and team love shooting Mike & Rachel weddings as there is so much energy, life, colour, and humour. Mike & Rachel are from America (Cali) and they planned to fly their nearest and dearest to Koh Samui, Thailand for their wedding.

They chose Thailand because it is truly an incredible place for island wedding and Villa Kalyana was the perfect place to bring your closest friends and family to enjoy celebration with its private beaches and large villas. Enjoy the photography & Videography.

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Thailand Destination Wedding at Laugna Chapel

Below are the some of the photographs of lovely couple wedding at the well known Laugna Wedding Chapel.

Wedding Photographer – Daniel Baci Photography

Make-up Artist – Lisa Allen

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Phuket Destination Wedding of Graz & Samba at Jivana Villa’s

Daniel Baci Photography team captures the beautiful moments of amazing couple Graz & Samba at Jivana Villas, a Beach front Villa, located Phuket, Thailand. They are such a beautiful couple and Daniel Baci team enjoyed shooting their Luxury Wedding at a great location. Below are the some photos of their wonderful wedding.