Cost of Wedding Videographer?

If you are planning to get married or know someone who is going to get married, then you know there is always confusion, whether or not you should hire a videographer. Believe me your wedding is incomplete without hiring a videographer as they bring the sweet memories right in front of you. Wedding videographer preserves your wedding special movements and you can recall your wedding day in the future. Each videographer will quote you different wedding videography price. Here is an extensive guide to help you in hiring wedding videographer with in your budget.


The cost of associating with a wedding videographer depends upon several factors like geographical area, experience and popularity of videographer, which month you planning to get married, time duration and package you select. According to wedding stats in 2015 average cost of hiring a wedding videographer is between $1500 – $2000. The wedding videography cost depends upon your requirements. The more add on you choose the package become more costly. Below is the breakdown of some of the standard package so that you and your fiance can understand the videographer cost in a better way.

How much wedding videographer cost?

  • If you are your fiance is looking for a simple and cost effective package then basic package is perfect for you. Basic package start around $900, it include 4 hour videography, 2-3 HD cameras and 2 cameraman.
  • If the basic package looks too simple then you can select enhanced package it cost you around $1200 and it will cover 6 hour videography of ceremony, speeches and reception, you also get a short wedding FLM trailer with music, 3 running HD cameras and team of 2 videographers.
  • You can select premium – The Wedding Story package it cost you around $1700 – $2000 and it includes 8-12 hour videography come with MULTI – CAM edited FILM delivered in HD of ceremony, speeches, reception etc, wedding FLM trailer with music, 3-4 running HD cameras, cinematographer and director. This package is suitable for all couples looking for the best product quality for their money.
  • You can select luxury package it will start from $3500. It includes 12 hours video shooting plus all day and night photo shoot. This package includes one photographer and 3 videographer.

Generally videographers are based on 3 levels basic, medium and higher. Videographer cost change drastically based on the level of videographer you opt. Other factor that add extra cost are extra videographers and photographers, aerial / drone cinematography, same day edit / rush edit and number of video copy.

If you are looking for wedding videographer contact Daniel Baci. He is one of the best wedding photographer and videographer. He has been working in the wedding business in Thailand since 2010, as a Film maker & Photographer and has gained international recognition for his work. Daniel and team have many years of experience in wedding photography and videography.


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