Wedding Planning Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

A wedding is one of the most important and memorable days in any couple’s lives. Huge works involved in planning the wedding. We’ve thought of everything that should be on your wedding to-do list from setting budget, to selecting venue. Below are few wedding planning tips for the newly engaged couples to have a joyful and stress free wedding.

Set a Budget – First most important thing is to set a wedding budget. Talk with your future partner and fix the budget before finalizing anything.


Prepare a To-Do Checklist – Make a To Do list based on priority, budget, and timelines.


Send Invitation/RSVP – Send out invitations earlier to your beloved family, friends, relatives and neighbors.


Decide the Type of Your Wedding – You can choose between destination wedding and traditional wedding.

Book the Venue first – Create a list of venue, visit the place you like and check the service provided by them. Book the venue if you like it.


Catering Services – Check catering service menu. Book them if you are satisfied with their service.


Finalize the Flowers – Choose the flowers for your wedding day.


Hire a Photographer/Videographer – Always hire an experienced wedding photographer and videographer. It’s one of the only things from your wedding that you will able to keep forever.


Go for Wedding Shopping – Go to the nearest shop for your wedding shopping. Purchase wedding dresses, jewelry, shoes, watches, bags etc.


Appoint Hair and Makeup Artists – Make a appointment with hair and makeup artists for your wedding.

Makeup artist.jpg

Wedding Decoration – Hire someone for wedding decoration which is best suitable for your wedding theme and venue.

Hire a wedding planner, they can take all the above things and make your wedding well organized.


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