6 Reasons to have Destination Wedding

Unique and memorable wedding experience

Having a destination wedding allows you to married the way you and your fiance want to. If you want your wedding to be unique and memorable, a destination wedding is the perfect idea for you!

The guests will never forget your wedding

A destination wedding can be an entire weekend or more, giving you plenty of time to enjoy with your closest friends and family. The guests will never forget your wedding as they will remember your wedding for being in a different location and for giving them some well-needed time off.

Destination Weddings are easier and faster to plan

At first they may look like a lot of work, but they’re actually not. Most resorts provide free planning help to couples, and there package often include everything you need.

Cost effective

Destination weddings are cost effective as only close relatives will attend the wedding. In comparison to traditional weddings you don’t have to invite lot of people and pay for their food. You don’t have to spend lot of money on decor.

Combine wedding and honeymoon

You can combine your wedding and honeymoon together. The honeymoon begins as soon as you are pronounced husband and wife.

Great photos

Phuket wedding photographer captures beautiful photographs and videos. A destination wedding has gorgeous location. The beaches, the mountains or the plains, gives you stunning pictures and videos.


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